The Study of You


  • Would you like to learn more about yourself and your strengths?
  • Does having a career that you enjoy appeal to you?

Sound interesting?

For instance, I worked with a recent college graduate who felt frustrated with his job.  Through our discussions he determined the aspects that he liked and did not like about his job and he identified his strengths and needs.  As he explored different options, he discovered ways he could utilize his strengths in his current position and he developed a plan for future advancement.  Now he feels much more in control and satisfied with his job.

Through The Study of YouTM, a program developed by Barbara McRae, MCC, nationally known parent/teen expert and bestselling author of Coach Your Teen to Success-7 Simple Steps to Transform Relationships and Enrich Lives you will discover your natural strengths.  As you explore your interests and abilities it will become easier to identify careers that will be a good fit for you.

Why wait?

Your future is up to you.  Why not have a career you feel passionate about!

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