Coach Your Teen to Success


  • Do you wish your son or daughter would listen to you more?
  • Are you tired of being afraid every time your son or daughter leaves the house?
  • Would you like to know more about what’s happening in your teen’s life?

You’re not alone!

For instance, I worked with a parent who was concerned about the amount of time her teenage son was spending with his girlfriend.  She felt he was ignoring his other friendships.  Through our discussion, the mom realized she had not acknowledged the significance of this new relationship in her son’s life and she recognized that her son would be much more willing to listen to what she had to say, if she first acknowledged how important this new relationship was to him.  Once she did that, it was much easier for her and her son to talk and they felt closer again.

Through Coach Your Teen to Success™, a program developed by Barbara McRae, MCC, nationally known parent/teen expert and bestselling author of Coach Your Teen to Success-7 Simple Steps to Transform Relationships and Enrich Lives you will discover a better way to relate to your son or daughter… a way that is based on love and connection, not on fear or worry.

Why not…

  • Have more fun and laugh more often,
  • Argue less,
  • Engage in pleasant and meaningful conversations, and
  • Even be able to see the world from your son or daughter’s eyes?

Why wait?

You have the power to learn the skills necessary to help teens safely transition from childhood to adulthood in today’s world!

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