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  • Would you like to spend more time teaching and less time disciplining students?
  • Are you tired of reminding your students to get their work in?
  • Would you like simple, practical techniques that have positive and immediate effects in your classroom?

You’re not alone!

For instance, I worked with a teacher who felt frustrated because a student she had selected to participate in a prestigious activity repeatedly missed class.  As we talked about the situation, we identified that the teacher had not communicated her expectations to the student.  She just assumed the student would show up and do the work.  Through our discussion, the teacher learned that she needed to communicate her expectations up front to the student; and when she did, the student came to class and did the work.

Through Coach Your Student to Success™, a program developed by Barbara McRae, MCC, nationally known parent/teen expert and bestselling author of Coach Your Teen to Success-7 Simple Steps to Transform Relationships and Enrich Lives you will discover a better way to relate to your students … a way that encourages collaboration and inspires students to work hard.

Looking for graduate-level professional development?

Enroll in the 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® to obtain one graduate credit and valuable skills that make teaching less stressful and more rewarding.

Why wait?

You, too, have the power to learn the necessary skills to create a positive learning environment for your students and yourself!

Contact Lynn to learn more about Coach Your Student to Success™ and the 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom®.

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