About Coaching

 Coaching is a collaborative discovery process that inspires individuals to discover the power they have to improve their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the coach do?

  • Asks questions to more fully understand and explore concerns and issues
  • Listens attentively to what is being said
  • Stays focused on the individual’s thoughts, feelings, and goals
  • Is objective and shares observations
  • Partners with the individual to generate a plan of action
  • Provides accountability for the individual
  • Celebrates the individual’s successes
  • Adheres to complete confidentiality

What does the individual do?

  • Openly shares his or her thoughts and feelings
  • Willingly explores new avenues to achieve his or her desired results
  • Completes what he or she agreed to in the previous session
  • Assumes full responsibility for his or her actions

How is coaching delivered?

  • The coach and individual speak on the phone or in person
  • The coach and individual usually speak on a weekly basis for an agreed upon number of sessions
  • Lengths of sessions vary depending on the agreement

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